Welcome to Oakbrook Golf Club!

Oakbrook, located in Lakewood, WA, stands to this day as one of Washington’s finest golf facilities it has been meticulously cared for since it’s opening in 1966. Now, as of January 1st, 2012, for the first time in the club’s history Oakbrook is open to the public! Come out and enjoy one of the most prestigious and elite facilities in the South Puget Sound for the last 45+ years.

Hundreds of Oak trees encompass this classic American golf course. Famous for having the best greens around, it is sure to be a treat for anyone who appreciates firm, smooth, and fast greens. This 18 hole, 6700+ yard championship course is extremely accessible for players of all skill levels. Suitable for stronger competitive players, recreational golfers, or a experienced veterans Oakbrook promises to be fun for all. Come on in and experience this newly accessible gem for yourself!

While you are there, ask about becoming a member of the RMG Club and how you could start playing unlimited Golf 7 days a week for only $125 per month with our Premier Membership. Or if you like what you see, join at the All-Access level and get unlimited golf at any of our many regional facilities for only $179 a month. Short on time, budget conscious or just learning to play the game? We’ve got memberships starting as low as $59 per month. These new membership opportunities are making Oakbrook Golf Course the most popular place in town, sign up while they are still available! Find out more here.